Saturday, January 17, 2009

New software update for E71 available!

if your looking for a full list of product codes for the Nokia E71 look no further than another fellow E71 blog I found. The Nokia E71 Blog is compiling a list of product codes that many will find extremely valueable.

Using a program on your computer called Nemesis Suite you can change your product code to another version if your in need of certain languages or small features your version might not have. I have no experience in doing this, I just got this information from this article at Blink Thinks blog.

I don't think that image above is the full list of product codes.

Click here to see the compiled list of Nokia E71 Product Codes at The E71 Blog.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Free Yahoo Messenger for your handphone and connect directly to Yahoo's server. You can make conference, add or delete contact, set or view the status and send message to group or several selected contact

This Messenger is also skinnable, you can change the UI skins from the setting menu. View others status from the text banner on the top and set your own status or set the custom status.

Download and install into your phone and enjoy it !

Features :
- add and remove contact
- conference
- contacts grouping
- send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
- send and receive BUZZ
- receive offline message
- incoming mail notifications
- typing notification
- offline/online notifications
- show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
- set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
- skinnable (4 type skins)

-to show chat view, press *
-to show/hide offline contacts, press 0
-to show/hide the mark press #

New Features (ver 1.1)
- 60 emoticons
- message alerts : vibrate, sound, flash backlight

New Features (ver 1.2)
- Chat History (message archive)
- Send to Others (send message to buddy outside contact list)
- Add 4 emoticons (total 64 emoticons) and with bigger images
- Add set custom busy status
- Add new settings (enable/disable automatic open ChatView when receive message)
- New theme (gray skin changed into green skin)

*update : 14-09-2008
-better smiley/emoticons
-some minor bug fixing

*update : 25-09-2008
- some minor bug fixing
- support MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.0

New Features (ver 1.3)
- auto reconnect when connetion closed
- direct text input (you can input text and view chat in the same window)
- show/hide timestamp
- support qwerty
- support touchscreen
- numpad navigation for alternative navigation key


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Magic Blue Hack is a Bluetooth Hacking software for any J2ME Bluetooth hand set. By using this Software on your mobile you can Control /Access another Bluetooth mobile such as make Call(Free), Send SMS(free), Read Phone Book and Read SMS Inbox from another Mobile without notifying him(Traffic charge can be apply for hacked mobile) by Using Mobile Bluetooth Technology.

It may ask for permission to start Bluetooth service with another for first time. But no need to setup this software in another mobile which you want to hack... This project has been made just for fun & aware you that don’t turn on always your Bluetooth device, connect only & only when you fill safe. For Documentation visit " "

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MajiPlayer Music Player

MajiPlayer is a media player providing a rich user experience on multiple devices. Please visit our official site for more information regarding MajiPlayer and its abilities.


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Monday, December 29, 2008

mig33 (Latest version 4.03)

mig33 (Latest version 4.03)

Join the world's best mobile chat service. Millions & Millions of users, Hundreds of thousands of fun chatrooms, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, emoticons, profiles, photos, themes, email, calls, SMS & more! Works on over 2000 handsets.
Ultra Compatible

A small 180kb application, this is one of the most compatible mobile applications around. It’s ultra light and works on over 2,000 handsets include Java (J2ME), Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
Hundreds of thousands of chat rooms!

Our chat rooms are different, with rich emoticons (send smiley faces and picture expressions) and emotes (test emoticons where eg. typing'/Flirt tina' results in a text saying 'flirts with Tina'.

Voting and kicking are also hugely popular, where if you don't like someone in a chat room, initiate to kick to get votes to kick them out! Use chat rooms to meet new people and you can also create your own to chat with a close group of friends.
So many IMs!

Chat with friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk and mig33 all at once, on your mobile. And even express yourself with different emoticons and emotes too!
Cheap Calls

By joining mig33 for free, you say goodbye to international calling cards and punching in annoying serial numbers. You can make low-priced calls to any phone anywhere in the world with your mobile or computer! For example, call India from the US for 5 cents/minute
NEW: Theme and Languages!

Customise with our new themes and put a fresh face on your mig33 experience. And now mig33 is available in more languages: Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese.
NEW: Updates!

Now you can keep your friends in the loop with what you are up to all the time, with status updates and new and improved profile pages.
Free Credits!

We even give you free credits when you first join mig33, and for each friend you successfully refer to mig33! Spend your credits on calls, SMS, chatroom ‘kicks’, emoticons, wallpapers, ringtones and more! Simply select ‘Invite’ from the mig33 menu!

Download mig33 today by either going to on your mobile browser or by scrolling below.

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Nimbuzz v. 1.0.1 Symbian, 1.0.0

Nimbuzz Mobile is the best free* mobile messenger that lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN/ Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, Hyves, and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts.

See who's online and where, call/group-call, chat/chatrooms, offline messaging, send photos/music/video, voice messaging and location sharing.

For more info visit

Save Money: Nimbuzz lets you make free international calls to your buddies.
On Symbian and Windows Mobile phones we offer totally free calling
using VoIP. You can also use your VoIP account to call your friends
on landlines and mobile phones. On a Java phone, all you pay are
the minute costs from your provider to make a local call.

Meet and Greet: Use Nimbuzz chatrooms to meet people from all over the world and share
ideas while making new friends.

Locate your Friends: Share your location and retrieve the location of your buddies on a map.
Great for arranging face to face meetings.

Make yourself heard: If your buddies are offline, let them know you’re trying to get in touch by
sending them a "Buzz". It will start Nimbuzz on their mobile phone.

Never lose your Contacts: Use the Phonebook to back up and restore your contacts.
Comes in handy when you have lost your mobile phone.

Connection issues?

* Please manually activate the Java settings in your mobile phone to make sure you can connect through Nimbuzz.
* You might still have connection issues if your mobile provider restricts the connection. Please contact your provider and make sure you have a flat rate data plan or unlimited/full internet plan.

In case you still cannot connect, please drop us a line at support at nimbuzz dot com and we will make sure to help you out.
Else you can always check out forum at


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Sunday, December 28, 2008


you can have all your buddies from multiple IM accounts in one list.

You have friends on both MSN and Yahoo? No problem, now you can chat with them all from your mobile. Even more networks will be supported soon…

Set your avatar with your cameraphone

With the eBuddy Mobile Messenger you can share all the cool things you do in an easy way. You can set your personal message and take a brand new display picture, directly from your phone’s camera.
Offline Messaging

Always reach your friends
The eBuddy Mobile Messenger supports offline messaging. Want to talk to a buddy but he just went offline? Don’t worry; just send an offline message straight from your mobile. You also can receive offline messages.

As soon as you login, you will get all the messages that were sent to you when you were offline.

Send a picture, straight from your camera
Now you can take a cool picture with the camera on your phone, and send it directly in a chat to your friends! Just open a chat, click on Menu and choose Send Picture.

Your friends can always view this picture, no matter what network or application they are on.

Support for more phones than we can list
Is your phone not listed here? Don't worry, we support a lot more phones than we can list here. To get eBuddy Mobile Messenger for your phone, just point your mobile browser to

Download :

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Opera Mini Web browser v. 4.2

Opera Mini browser 4.2 — Speed and color of choice — now synchronized with your computer

Opera Mini™ is a fast and tiny Web browser that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone. Take all your favorite Web sites and download images, MP3`s on the go with Opera Mini!

Version 4.2 of Opera Mini Web browser delivers several new features for personal customization and shorter loading time. Opera Mini users in the US and Asia-Pacific region can now experience faster speed, due to the addition of an Opera Mini server park in the US. This version also offers a sweet selection of new skins, bundled with improved support on more phones for YouTube and other mobile video services. It's more likely that your phone will work on the mobile version of YouTube. Improvements in Opera Link allow users to share notes between their mobile phones and PCs, in addition to their bookmarks and recently visited URLs. Opera Mini browser enables you to take your full Web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Opera Mini is free, so download it now!

Opera Mini Web browser uses a remote server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is optimized for your device, ensuring fast and cheap browsing and a great user experience.

Opera Mini™ Web browser offers the same speed and usability as the renowned Opera Mobile browser, and uses Opera’s Small Screen Rendering™ technology to provide access to the Web. It has all the features expected of a browser, and more, such as content download, skinning, bookmarks, browsing history. In addition, Opera Mini recognizes your phone and optimizes Web pages accordingly to provide faster browsing.

This download file contains MIDP2 version of Opera Mini Web browser. If you are unsure if your phone supports it, please visit the following link with your phone`s WAP browser, and you will receive the right version. -

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nokia N97 |


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TrafficGPS for Pocket PC 1

Pocket PC application with easy-to-use interface and rich features. Displays location, altitude, accuracy, speed, and satellite info. Allows for the creation of track logs with customizable intervals. Still in development so check out for updates regularly. Please read the included readme.txt file prior to install and use.


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